MJP 是一家创立于美国芝加哥的国际性建筑设计机构,在公司多年的历史中完成了一系列地标性的作品,目前在芝加哥和上海设有办公室。

  Founded in Chicago, MJP is an international  architectural design firm. In its significant history, the firm has completed a series of landmark buildings worldwide. Currently our team operates from our office in Chicago and Shanghai.


  We are committed to integrate the creativity of design with professionalization. The diversity of our work and the collaborative spirit of our environment stimulate a cross-fertilization of ideas, and yield our work of high level of innovation and perfection. Our work addresses urban responsibility, performance, engineering synthesis, attention to detail and  sustainability by design.


  Our work in China encompass a wide range of typologies such as high-rise, urban complex, culture and tourism, office parks etc. Our client include major developers in China, such as Shanghai LJZ group, China Resource Land, Evergrande Real Estate, Poly Real Estate,etc.

职位名称 工作地点 招聘人数 学历 发布日期
建筑设计师 上海 若干 本科及以上 2019/10/19
建筑设计师 上海 若干 本科及以上 2019/10/19
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